Saturday, 26 July 2014



My name is Charlotte and I live in a small town in the UK. I have always loved being creative and making things so I have decided to start a blog so that I can share all my crafts with you.

One day, a lady saw me sewing a brooch and stuttered to me,' I'd buy that from you.' No-one had ever said this to me before so without thinking about money or possible business, I said to her,' Why not make one?' She seemed reluctant but I managed to convince her that making things was so much worthier than buying things. Its like you buy a football, but the real pleasure and fun comes out when you play with it. Okay, that was a bad analogy.

Whilst crafting takes time ... you end up with a product which is so unique and beautiful. It might not be as perfect as things bought in shops ... but that is what makes it so great!! YOU made it, only YOU have it; there aren't millions of robot copies across the globe, and YOU made it with love and care.

My FIRST CRAFT IS COMING SOON so hold onto your seats.
Good night my fellow friends,


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