Monday, 3 July 2017



I am, like most girls, very good when it comes to shopping! So good, that I always end up with lots of stuff I do not wear or use! This weekend, I decided it was time to clear out the jewellery drawer (to put it into perspective, I was clearing out accessories as old as the ones I had purchased from Claire’s, when I was 6 years old).

I hate throwing things out so decided to throw all the bits and pieces I had into a lovely brooch, that I could wear now. The brooch consists of a jewel from a necklace, with felt glued behind to attach the pin. At the end of the jewel I attached some earrings, and some charms from bracelets, before wrapping wire around the end of the jewel to hide any glue and to make it look a bit more pretty!.... and Ta Dah, there you have it! 

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